Monday, 24 February 2014

Order {fabric inspiration}

I actually think this is one of the most open challenges we've set, after all ORDER is apparent in nearly all crafts in some way or another. There's always some order to constructing a pattern:

And there's plenty of ways that ORDER can be seen in repeat patterns:

Blaze Shaded Chevron Yardage <br/>SKU# C780-14

Even putting things in order, creating something to maintain order or doing things in an ordered fashion:

How about some hard working bees creating very ordered structures in Bee My Honey?

I hope that sparks some ideas! Have you started your ORDER project yet?


  1. Wow ... That's left it wide open... But given me an idea, thanks.

  2. WHoah, I had not even thought about pattern construction! It is much wider than what I thought - and set the themes!

  3. I think so. I've pulled fabric for order, if I can't finish that in time I've got another in mind


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