Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Rising Sun {More Inspiration}

So how are your 'Rising Sun' projects coming along? Have you been inspired by Alice's post? Do you need more inspiration? Well, I may be able to help.. 

For those following me on IG or twitter, you will know that I am sewing from Japanese pattern book - and clearly my own project has inspired this post. 

What I love about Japanese sewing patterns is the simplicity of them - you can of course make the garments funkier with interesting fabric or just plain simple. 

And they do have the cutest models ever for the little ones... 

But you may need to work out the patterns first... 

Or you may be drawn to the funky Japanese fabrics... 

That have inspired some shops  

 1. Phone case here; 2. Scarves here
 And here is my own effort..

 This is not a Japanese pattern - but I would love to recreate this look with a Japanese pattern (I may need to learn piping as well..)

And to be honest if I end up being fed up with the patterns, I know what I will be doing with them... 


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