Thursday, 2 May 2013

Alternative wings {Inspiration}

We are now mid-way through this month's challenge, have you settled on a project, started it, finished it? I have started mine - whoohoo - and I may even finish it a few days before my entry should be in (unlike challenge #1) - double whoohoo!

Anyway, as we mention in le challenge in 10 questions, how you interpret le challenge is up to you - and we are very open to more obscure interpretations. Here are some alternative (not necessarily obscure) interpretations of the theme.

The aeroplane bag by Sew Sweetness, I may as well mention it as everyone seems to be making one at the moment - you may want to add some 'wings' fabric (Lucy has selected a few in her post) for a double whammy interpretation? 

This may take a bit of time if you have not started yet (probably even if you have) but Anna Maria Horner's feather bed quilt would be a beautiful entry (maybe as a cushion?).

For the knitters out there, you may want to try your hands on the dragonfly wings pattern (free pattern on ravelry) which would be the perfect evening shawl. 

This is Countess Ablaze's version, so lovely!
Now for more obscure interpretation -  you could try to recreate the Icarus marbled paper pattern. I used to make marbled paper when I was younger and it is now on my to-do list.. 

And finally, because I thought it was that cool, here is one of the fabrics Lucy chose and would be right up my street... 

posted here

So here we are, a few alternative interpretations for you guys. So go on, tell me what you are making - who's finished?

One more post before your homework is due! Michelle will be revealing what she is making next week... I love her style, so cannot wait to see it! This is getting very exciting!


  1. Loved the inspiration Nat but if I get around to making what is in my head I have my eldest to thank as she put the idea there!

  2. Great inspiration! Now, if I can only find the time!!

  3. Brilliant ideas. I wrote a long list of everything I could think of related to Wings, and then settled on a bird. I have finished mine but I won't share details until 15th!

  4. I chose a little wings project and am almost done. Waiting to reveal on 15th.

  5. I'm thinking, I'm thinking! ;-)

  6. I saw some inspiration in our bedroom rug - will try to do it!

  7. I used to make marbled paper too, so fun! Great ideas Nat :)


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