Sunday 5 May 2013



If you're new to Le Challenge or just what to remind yourself what it's all about please visit Le Challenge in 10 Questions.

In addition to that we just wanted to clarify a few things:

- You project must be finished (a quilt top will count as a finish).

- Please link to Le Challenge in your blog post or Flickr description, or grab the button when you link up.

- Your make must have been completed within the month the challenge was set, please don't link up old projects that happen to fit the theme.
The idea is really to see what you can make within the month and how you interpret the theme... having said that if you finish a project you've already been working on or have made for another purpose but you finish during the month of the Le Challenge theme then we welcome you to link up with it!

- If you can please save your finished projects to reveal during the link, it makes it more fun! Feel free to blog about your progress or show sneak peeks throughout the month though, it is always great to encourage others and share how you're getting on.

- Finally, and this is actually a personal bugbear and request, a lot of the blogs that entered last month had word verification turned ON for comments on their blogs. You can read my original rant about it but could I kindly request that people turn their word verification OFF, it makes commenting so much easier for everyone. If you are worried about spam I have found I have had NONE since switching off anonymous comments and moderating comments older than a few days. You would make me very happy if you would turn off word verification and it makes commenting on your blog so much faster and easier. Thank you!

Charm About You

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Hope you're all making good progress with your WINGS projects!


  1. Can't wait to see what everyone makes this time! I've done a little test-run of my project, should hopefully be starting the 'real' one today!!

  2. I'm all done- just waiting to link up. :)

  3. Sorry, still thinking about it- not sure I want to leap in yet! ( coward)

  4. I have finished 3 different "Maritime" things this month should I just do one post about all of them or separate posts?


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