Thursday 4 April 2013

Le Challenge in 10 questions

We have received a few comments and questions about Le Challenge. Here is a summary of the responses we have given. We hope that will clarify a few things.

What is it?

Every 15th of every month, we set a theme for all crafters to interpret in their choice of crafty weapons.  There will be projects involving painting, quilting, cross-stitching, crochet, knitting … with one common theme.

Which craft to choose?

The one you feel fits best the theme. If you have made it with your little hands, it qualifies for entry.

How much interpretation am I allowed to?

As much as you want, although try to explain how your interpreted the theme if it is not obvious. 

What project to enter?

We would like the projects to be finished so that the next month we can move on to the next theme. It is not always easy, but we do not judge the projects (nor the size or the craft chosen) – so it could be easily one big project one month a smaller one the next if you want to enter every month a project.

Do I need a blog to enter?

You don’t. We will be using inlinkz so you can upload your picture from your computer as well as from your blog. It is of course fun to share more information about your projects to other participants.

Does my project need to be finished?

Yes it does.

Can I enter more than one project?

We hope you will be so inspired by the themes that you will want to make more than one project, but we will only allow one entry per person – you can share as many projects as you wish on that entry – the more the merrier!

When can I submit?

Submissions are on 15th of every month. As this is not only opened to GMT crafters, we will open it from 14th at 10am GMT and finish on 16th at 11am GMT so that everyone has a chance to submit in their own time zone on the 15th.

When is the next theme revealed?

Themes will be revealed on 15th at 13h00.

How will we choose the prize winner?

The aim is to have fun and discover how you and other crafters look at a theme, so we are not going to judge the projects – anyway it will be way too hard for us to pick one winner – so it will be done through For a chance, you only need to enter your finished project.

If you wish to sponsor Le Challenge – as a one-off or every month – do not hesitate to contact us.


  1. Great - can't wait as mine is now finished!

  2. Oooh! I'd better get a wriggle on! Lots of ideas, so little time!!! x

  3. My quilt top is finished. Can I put that in please?

  4. I am so looking forward to seeing what everyone has made. Mine is of course still only half done, but then that's par for the course for me!

  5. nearly there too, hope I can upload it ok!


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