Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Thrilling thrillers - some last minute inspiration

How are you all getting on with your entries? I have finally started mine, whoohoo! Which means that I may not have to take pictures an hour before presenting my entry - I am so organised! Anyway Lu and I had a chat today, and we are thinking that thriller was way too easy...

I had two very very different projects in mind for this theme, and in the end it came down to time (of course if I had started before...). The first idea came from what I am actually reading..

Oh yes, a thriller just there... Not sure you would be impressed if my entry is me presenting the book I had just finished - it is impressive as I have not read much since Baby MiH arrived, but still.. What other thrillers could inspire me? Nothing like a bit of 007...

So I thought I could make another book clutch using this cover... if only I had a lot of time... So no, but probably one more project on my to-do-list for another day...

And these films, all thrillers people, right there...

or this poster...

I cannot paper piece (well I can but badly), please please someone make an entry based on this Thriller poster..

Amazing inspiration, well I think it is, so my entry is going to look like this:

If you want to see a bit more about my entry, check my blog
I did mention my two ideas were very different.

Cannot wait to see your entries on 15th! You still have a bit of time to start and finish your project, big or small and have a chance to win a $25 voucher at the Fat Quarter Shop.

If you are new to le challenge, find more information here


  1. Loving your project! Those book covers are amazing, they'd all be awesome quilts! I do wish someone would do that thriller one though!

  2. Great ideas. Would love to have a go at the thriller, but not clever enough to do the letters!

  3. if I had the time, I'd give MJ a go ... maybe one day...


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