Friday, 4 October 2013

More inspiration from Kristen

We have a guest post from the fabulous Kristen of Bobbypin Bandit today to share her spooky stitchings with us...

Thank you so much to Lucy and Nat for inviting me to be a part of the THRILLER theme here at Le Challenge. I decided to focus on a Halloween inspired version of the Thriller theme with embroidery and sewing projects that reflect my version of the thrill that the season brings.  I have a profound obsession with Halloween, so you can imagine how thrilled (mwuahahaha... pun intended) I was to be a part of this month's theme. 

Once I had calmed down from the excitement and stopped doing the shoulder pop from Michael Jackson's "Thriller," I sat down to spend some time with my projects.

When it comes to all things thrilling about Halloween, I think that there is a range from gory to somewhat sweet. I stitched up this vampire, which I thought could be gripping, but then I framed him with some ghost and bat print fabric that toned down the sensation completely.

I wanted this vampire to go along with a witch pattern I stitched up last year. I am still deciding whether to turn them into a table runner and place each piece at either end, or into side-by-side wall hangings. 

As soon as I decide on how to complete these two pieces, I think they will THRILL anyone who stops by for a Halloween visit.

Thanks again to Lucy and Nat for inviting me to share my projects here. Can't wait to see what you all share as part of the THRILLER theme!

If you are interested in the embroidery patterns I used, they are available as a free download from here.

Thanks so much Kristen!
Come back and join us on October 15th to link up your makes based on the theme THRILLER and you have a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop!


  1. That clip is hilarious and slightly disturbing! Your vampire and witch are so cute and I think they'd make a fun table runner. I love that neon green too! Thanks for providing the link and for guest hosting :)

  2. Ooh! I'm getting a bit worried about this one! Still no ideas and time is ticking by... I'm not really a Halloween fan so really struggling!! Wonder just how far out of the box I can think?!!!

    1. did you see the last post? There's lots of scope for going far out of the box ;)

  3. Love the stitching. He is a very cute vampire! Better get on with mine!

  4. I just tried that head bop - I don't think I did it right!

  5. I finished mine this week. Great Halloween embroidery.

  6. Absolutely adorable :) I just love Halloween decorations.

  7. fantastic embroideries :-) And that video clip - just disturbed my peaceful sunday morning!!


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