Monday, 3 June 2013

Maritime inspiration... fabric edition

If you need a little help with this months theme MARITIME then here's some fabric to get you thinking...

Shore Thing Red Lifesaver Yardage SKU# DC5603-REDX-D

I adore all of the Out to Sea Collection

Out to Sea Sky Sailor's ABC Yardage SKU# DC5628-SKYX-D

especially this Sailor's ABC

...or you could go sailing

on the Seven Seas

...or take in the view

with Seascapes

but take care not to swallow any...

And if that's all just a little too much why not keep it simple and use some

How is everyone getting on with their projects?

Be sure to come back and link up on the 15th of June!


  1. LOVE, the last photo! All of that fabric makes me want to go SHOPPING!

    1. I went to the beach and couldn't help myself! Happy shopping ;)

  2. Love the last picture! And that first picture!

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  4. Hello,

    I am a jewelry designer who lives in Alpes-Maritimes since a few years ;-).
    Can I join with a jewelry piece?

    1. Hi Rossi! We would be delighted to have you on board! Entries are due on 15th, when the next theme is announced!

    2. OK, Thanks ;-) I will work on my piece then!


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