Monday, 10 June 2013

Burda has gone Maritime - who wants to be a surfer girl?

I buy the BurdaStyle magazine quite religiously every month, for a little bit less than 5 quid you get a lot of patterns - it is good value let's face it. And Burda has really tried to be up to speed with fashion trends, so has got some fun and funky outfits... 

A few bloggers had reviewed the June edition, and one theme was widely discussed - the Surfer section... I suppose this could work for this month's maritime theme especially if...

you have decided to take some ammunitions with you to make a dress work - alert to fashion bloggers... (I am assuming this is James Bond girl meets neon)...

or decided that the 80s is back and net tank top is the way forward (with that sexy pose of course)... 

OR decided that as a scuba diver, you decided to sew your own outfit... Really a scuba diver outfit, really.. 

If any of you decided to sew any of these outfits - especially the last one - please, please link up on 15th, I really want to be proved wrong and being told that this is the best outfit of your wardrobe! 

Cannot wait to see your makes, better get back to my own! See you all on 15th! 


  1. I LIKE outfit 3! It's much better than a one piece one: I usually need help to get out os mine... :-)

  2. I do like to make sure I have my ammo belt, but prefer to wear it with my see-through tank.

  3. Not sure about outfit 2! See you on the 15th.

  4. Hilarious! I better get to work on my scuba outfit!!

  5. I'm tempted, but I just don't have the figure for them!

  6. LOL. So funny. Oh, if only I didn't have my entry nearly finished. ;)

  7. I need the body before I get the outfit!


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