Friday, 13 November 2015

More to giveaway! ~ New Sponsor ~ Eco Fabric Store / Fibers to Fabric

We are thrilled to welcome a new sponsor to Le Challenge!

"India is a country where being natural is not such a difficult thing. It is still the most basic lifestyle in our rural villages. People have better immunity, health and are in peace with themselves. India is a land where diversities really teach you if you are open to absorbing and learning. Extending natural living practices to fabrics being an integral part of our everyday lives was an idea I held very close to my heart - right from the days I graduated in Fashion Design. By God's grace, I met the right people who shared the same mission as I do and together the whole idea of natural plant extract dyeing and colors were formed. Eco Fabric Store is an honest attempt to fulfill that vision. All my fabrics are Eco Friendly and Earth friendly. The yarns are natural and are hundred percent biodegradable. We also offer a variety of fabrics made from Eco and Earth friendly fibers such as Organic Cotton, Bamboo, Hemp, Soyabean Protein, Banana and Ahimsa Silk".
- Vishruti, Eco Fabric Store owner

Eco Fabric Store has a really beautiful selection of Earth Friendly Fabrics, here's just a few examples:

Not only that but Vishruti runs another shop...

Fibers to Fabric stocks Indian Cotton, vintage fabrics, kits and notions:

So technically it's two sponsors but there will be one extra giveaway - the winner can chose which shop to spend a $10 gift certificate!

Please support our sponsors! We are so grateful to them for encouraging us all with our challenges :)

The new link opens tomorrow, if you missed the theme you can read about it here - it's a really encompassing theme so get creative and link up your finishes for a chance to win!

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