Saturday, 15 November 2014

Next up...

We've had so much fun seeing all your wonderful projects so far this year! Thank you all for joining in and accepting le challenge as part of your creative lives :)

This is the last challenge of the year and the theme is...


The link will open on December 15th (well the 14th GMT 10am until 16th GMT 8pm) and then we will take a little break and the next theme will be announced on 15th January.

It would be great to end the year with a bang and we encourage you to get really creative and think outside the box! Or maybe draw on it ;)

I have to admit I'm a little stumped about what to make for this one. We would love you to leave a comment with your ideas or inklings of what you might make!?


  1. I'm thinking text and newspaper kind of prints would be appropriate or ones that look like tattoos.

  2. Ooh, good choice. Sorry I didn't make this month's challenge - life got in the way, but will hope to enter next time.

    1. Life does that sometimes :) Look forward to seeing what you make next month!

  3. I'm totally stumped on this one, but I like both of Melissa's ideas.


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