Tuesday 1 July 2014

Small {fabric inspiration}

There are so many ways to interpret this month's theme SMALL that I doubt you need any help with ideas for your projects but just in case here are a few. Let's start with the obvious...

You could use fabric with small prints:

like these cute apples or small dots

Or fabric created for children and babies (because they are small!):

You might want to make something small:

Or have small parts make up a whole:

It could be fun to add embellishments to your make:

some small lights or use some glue dots to add small details

You might only need a small amount of materials:

And of course good things come in small packages!

Are you overwhelmed with small ideas?! Have you started working on your SMALL project?

Remember to come back and link up your finished project on the 15th and we'll have more SMALL inspiration soon!


  1. I am Thinking of using one of those mini charm packs I have, but maybe I'll work on something hexy

  2. So cute! Love the idea of something small.

  3. There is loads of scope here...thanks for the ideas. I'm thinking badges ... They are small too!

  4. Thank you for inspiration!

  5. had planned what to do, then realised I cant link up as out of the uk. Enjoy and have fun everybody else. (I was going along a hedgehog theme at one stage)

  6. I've finally started and it's coming along nice and quick - small is goood!

  7. Overwhelmed! Not started and have no idea what to make, arrrghhhh!


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