Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Charity {More Inspiration}

Charity... Not the easiest of theme and then again, pretty easy when you think about the possibilities. Lucy and I came from two different angles on this - she was thinking of making something for a charity (which is an amazing thing to do); I was thinking shopping - in charity shops. 

During my maternity leave I have had time to go to charity shops, a lot - they close at 5 pm, and because there are none near my work in London, it is not as easy now for me to shop there. But I do love finding gems in these shops. And believe me you can find amazing stuff, my mother-in-law found a real Mulberry purse for £8, I am not joking - I saw it, and it is the real deal. However I would not be prepared to upcycle a Mulberry purse.. 

However I have been known to upcycle jumpers from charity shops into cushions.. 
The tutorial is here
paint jars I did not like the look of, but like the form of.. 
More info on this here
 Buy a necklace, and make the wood beads more golden
More here
 Or just add interest to a chunky necklace
More here
These are not big projects, and easily manageable until the 15th ;) As for me, my entry is currently looking like this - a bit obscure but it is all in the structure... 

We hope to see many of you joining the linky party on 15th! 

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  1. Awesome inspiration! Love how great minds can think so differently ;)


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