Monday, 5 May 2014

More inspiration from Martha of Weekend Doings

Today's guest post is from Martha who blogs at Weekend Doings.

Hi everyone, I hope you are finding lots of inspiration for this month's challenge. 

I think the theme is super fun. I love nature and it is definitely a great influence on my creations. I love taking photographs of my surroundings and sometimes the smallest details captured by the lens of my camera serve as inspiration for my projects. 
The greatest influence that I get from nature is color palettes. I don't know about you, but many times I find it difficult to choose fabrics. So when in doubt or when searching for a spark in creativity I always turn to nature. 
I want to share with you a couple of my projects and the pieces of nature that inspired them.
Feathers Quilt Inspiration

The colors of my Feathers and Patchwork quilt were inspired by the colors of fall. I created this quilt for Christmas of 2013. So when I decided to start this quilt fall colors were all around. Bare branches and brown leaves were abundant and the mossy surfaces were starting to pop up everywhere. So I couldn't help myself but grab inspiration from those lovely autumn colors and translate them into the color palette for this quilt (one of my favorites). 

HST quilt inspiration

Another project that I borrowed inspiration from nature was this Half Square Triangle Quilt. I took the photo of a beautiful rose in my garden that caught my attention. The bright pink and the different shades of green seemed the perfect color combo for a summer quilt.  
There are so many ways to use nature as inspiration or to incorporate it into our projects. Nature offers us infinite sources of inspiration and I'm really looking forward to seeing your projects inspired by it. 

Isn't she talented, and those pictures are so beautiful! Thanks ever so much Martha for sharing with us how you are inspired by nature... 

Hope you are all getting on well with your own interpretation of NATURE! 


  1. Lovely inspiration! The feathers and patchwork quilt is so beautiful and you've really captured the natural elements!

  2. Lovely way to get inspiration, I haven't thought about looking to nature for a colour scheme before but it definitely seems to work!

  3. I do like looking at colors in photos or nature. I think Design Seeds is another way to find color combos through both nature and photography.

  4. What a lovely pictures. The first mosaic is especially fab!


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