Sunday, 8 December 2013

In (desperate) need for inspiration | PRECIOUS

I was very organised last month, this month not so much. I have three potential projects for 'precious' but have started none of them. And I am now thinking none of these projects can actually be made on time. This has nothing to do with the theme - and everything to do with me not being able to sit down and actually make it. 

Anyway, instead of making something for this theme, I decided to spend some time on Pinterest and see what came up if one typed precious... 

Yep, it nearly made me cry it was so cute!

I think I will be most likely to make something for Baby MiH this time round - and you can find my knitting list here, and they may be something from there that will appear next week..  

I have also a thing for metallic thread... And this pillow is quite inspiring - sashiko in metallic thread... 

Or these tutorials could bring even more inspiration..

1. (on the left) DIY Gold mug: 2. (top right) Gold dip pear placemats;
3. (bottom right) geometric laptop sleeve
Or these precious stars...  

DIY From Pepper + Buttons
So how far are you got to with your projects? 

See you here on 15th for the last le Challenge for this year, and a chance to win a voucher from the Fat Quarter Shop! 

If you are new to le Challenge, you can find more information here


  1. it will be interesting to see different interpretations of the word "precious", especially as time is growing short and even more precious in itself - there is another definition of precious, time for shopping and making at Christmas! I am hoping mine will fulfil the brief and also not use up too much precious time, I think it may involve my precious Liberty fabric. Now, ,that commits me to finish up and post!!!!

  2. Gorgeous inspiration! I love the laptop sleeve!

  3. Some jewel like paper piecing is on the go here - though i may not make the deadline. in fact - I'll get off blogloving and get on with it right now :D

  4. the deadline approacheth and I have nothing here either thanks for the pinspiration though and I think today is the day I get creative with this! x


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