Monday, 2 September 2013

More inspiration from Martha

Here is Martha from Weekend Doings to show you her fantastic improv quilt...

Thank you so much Nat and Lucy for inviting me to be part of this month's challenge. I think super heroes are a fascination to kids and adults alike. They spark our imagination and bring out the child with in us. I'm really happy to be sharing with you my Superheroes Quilt that I recently made for my four year old nephew.  He was totally smitten by the characters on the quilt (and so was I).The creative process for this quilt was very spontaneous and basically inspired by the fabric itself. I happened to stumble upon the superheroes fabric while shopping for fabric for another project. And instantly fell in love with it. By the time I left the store I had the design of the quilt already planned out in my head.

 Pretty Salvage

The fabric is Superhero By Illustration for Robert Kaufman. It is a panel of about 3/4 of a yard with perfect seam allowances between each frame. Which makes cutting super easy. I wanted to have the superheroes flying over the city landscape, so I did improv piecing using light gray Kona cotton for the background to achieve that effect.

Superheroes Quilt

I used the newspaper print as the focal point for the quilt back. And quilted it with straight lines all over. I think the simple quilting adds to the whimsical yet modern feel of the quilt.

Superheroes Quilt - Quilt Back

This has been one of my favorite quilts so far. It was a great leaning experience as I've never done improv piecing on a quilt before (and I'm sure it won't be the last).

Thanks again for having me. I'm absolutely thrilled to be here at Le Challenge and I'm really looking forward to seeing all your Heroes projects.


Thank you for sharing your brilliant quilt Martha! 

I hope you're all working hard on your projects, only 14 more days until the link party!


  1. Love it! Got to get some of that fabric!

  2. Love your work Martha - this quilt is so much fun! My project is all finished and ready to share - bring on the 15th!!

  3. love this. The city scape at the bottom is inspired

  4. Great fabric and I love how you used it. The city scape looks great with those heroes flying over it.


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